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Work Order Management

What it is

  • Work Order Management is a mapping, database, and reporting system for tree bid estimates, work orders, service requests, and invoices

  • Designed for arborists, city foresters, park managers, tree care companies, and consultants

  • Add-on module to the TreePlotter™ INVENTORY and PARKS applications

What it does

  • Provides automated, customizable workflows, forms, reports, and emails

  • Tracks costs and changes to job and work status

  • Archives completed work to build history and record for both the jobs and individual tree levels

  • Ensures integrity and quality of tree inventory and work order data

  • Allows you to visualize, search, sort, edit, and share tree work with clients and stakeholders

Frequently Used Terms

WOM Tutorials

Different Ways to Add a Work Order

Different Ways to Add a Work Record

Updated on May 15, 2023

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