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How To: Mass Update Work History

The ‘Update’ button in Work Records can help to Mass Update multiple Work Records at one time. Since Work History are archived Work Records, you will first set a filter for archived Work Records, then use the Mass Updater from within the Data Table.



  1. Open the Advanced Filter and use the plus (+) button to add Work Records to the filter.
  2. Next, use the Add Fields dropdown to add the Archived field to the Filter.
  3. Click on the Archived field in the filter, check ‘Archived’.
  4. Set any additional parameters to isolate the Work History records of interest and Click ‘Apply’.
  5. Click on the ‘DATA’ button located in the top left corner and select Work Records/Work History from the list.
  6. The Work Records table will open first. From here, click on the ‘Update’ button to open the Mass Updater.
  7. Now, select the Work History tab to open the Work History table.
  8. You can further refine the records to be updated by clicking on the checkboxes for specific Work History Records you want to update, or leave everything unchecked to update all of the records. The number of records that you are going to update will appear at the top of the tool.
  9. Select the field(s) you are wanting to edit in the Add Field drop down.
  10. Fill in the values for the field(s) you selected.
  11. Click the ‘Update’ button.

Known Limitations:

  • In the Work History Record table, you can update up to 200 records at a time. To update more than 200 records at a time, we recommend using the Mass Updater tool (Hub > Data Tools > Mass Updater).
  • If the number of Work Records that to be updated (Step 8) is not correct, you can omit and select Work Records by toggling the checkboxes next to the records.

Potential Next Steps:

Updated on June 21, 2024

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