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How To: Update Work Records using Routines

Routines are defined as periodic updates made to data within TreePlotter™ that can be used overtime. Routines can be used to Mass Update data for Trees, Work Records, and other layers quickly and efficiently. Routines are saved within an individual’s log in, and cannot be shared to other users.



  1. Go to the Work Records Table in the Tree Details Form, Work Order Details form, or Work Records Data Table.
  2. Click on the Update button.
  3. You can toggle a selection by clicking on the checkboxes for specific Work Records you want to update, or leave everything unchecked to update all of the records. The number of records that you are going to update will appear at the top of the tool.
  4. Select the field(s) you are wanting to edit in the Add Field drop down.
  5. Fill in the values for the fields you selected.
  6. You can click Update to update the records now.
  7. To save the selection of fields for later, click on Save Routine.
  8. The Routine will save so you can access the routine later. Select the Routine in the future, and the fields you selected will populate. Click Update to run the Routine.

Known Limitations:

  • The Routine will save the values that were in the data fields when it was created. When the Routine is run in the future, the data values can be edited to reflect whatever data you would like to update the records to.
  • If more fields are added after the Routine is loaded, the new fields added will not automatically become a part of the routine. A new Routine can be made containing the new fields.
  • To edit or delete a Routine, click on Manage in the next to the Routine selection.

Potential Next Steps:

Updated on May 15, 2023