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Advanced Filter

Want a video tutorial on the advanced filter? Click below:

When using TreePlotter™ INVENTORY, there may be cases where you want to summarize and visualize sub-sets of your inventory data based on specified attributes. This can be done using the Advanced Filter tool, which you can access from the Navigation Toolbar or the Filter Applied box.

Next to the Legend you will see a box with the current Filters being Applied. This box will turn yellow if a filter is currently applied on the map. If you click the arrow you can see a summary of all the filters that you have engaged. This is a quick way to orient you to what is being shown in the map.

  • Click on the tool to open up the Advanced Filter window.
  • To get started, choose an inventory layer to filter.
  • Next, look through the fields below to see if the one you’d like to filter by is included. If it is, click the check box next to the field to expand it and then check the boxes next to the selections you’d like to filter by.
  • If the field you want to filter by is not present in these initial fields, click the Add Field dropdown to bring up a list of supplemental fields that can also be added.
  • Clicking one of the fields in this dropdown will add it to the filter.
  • Depending on the field type there are different selection options.
    • Number fields have a slider bar to select from a range and an option to select an exact value.
    • Dropdown, Multiselect and Radio buttons will have corresponding field options listed to be selected and filtered on.
    • While lookup tables and the User field will have a popup appear in which you can select several options.
  • When you are satisfied with your choices, click Apply. To clear all filters, click the Clear Filters button.

The Advanced Filter also has the capability to filter points based on spatial location. Click the Map Filter button to start drawing a polygon around the data you’d like to analyze. Each click when the drawing tool is active will add another point to the polygon. When you’ve captured all of the desired data, double-click to finish the shape.

Note: Toggle Polygon Visibility will show or hide the border of the shape drawn. Clear Filter By Map will remove the filter.

You can now view updated statistics in the Stats and Graphs tools and Interactive Legend as well as export the filtered selection to an external file. Be sure to clear all of your filters when you’re done with the tool.

If you check the Bound to Map box in the Global Filter Settings, when you apply a filter the resulting trees will be centered on the map. This is a quick way to zoom into the map and see just the trees you are interested in.

It is possible to save a filter as a View Filter by selecting the Save View Filter button after applying the filter. You will then have the option to either create a new view, or overwrite an existing one. These saved View Filters will then be available for quick and easy access in the View Filter dropdown within the Interactive Legend.

With the Advanced filter you can also filter on multiple INVENTORY layers. Click the + button to add an additional layer to the advanced filter. Select the additional layer you would like to filter on it will be added to the list. Filtering with multiple layers can be extremely useful for those clients with our Work Order Management module.

Updated on June 28, 2022

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