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Tutorial: Mass Updater

Mass Update is a very powerful tool that can update attributes for large groups of trees to one new value. 

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • How to access the Mass Updater.
  • Preparing Data for the Mass Updater.
  • How to Mass Update.
  • Routines.
  • How to Mass Delete.
  • Known Limitations.
  • Next Steps.
  • Mass Updater Video Tutorial.

How to access the Mass Updater:

Click on Hub->Data Tools->Mass Updater then choose the layer you want to mass update and click Open.

Generally, the Mass Updater is only available for admin level users.

Preparing Data for the Mass Updater:

It is important to filter the data correctly so you only update or delete the Data Points you intend to. You can use the Advanced Filter to filter out these Data Points. Here is a link to the instructions for the Mass Updater.

How to Mass Update:

After using the Advanced Filter to filter the data points you want to mass update select a layer to update. Click “Open”.

Be sure to Check the Number of data points you have selected at the top and ensure it is the number of data points you planned to update. Also check that the layer is the layer you want to update.

Choose the fields you would like to update. If you want to remove a field you have selected make sure it is checked and click Remove Fields. 

Click “Update”

Note: If no filter is applied, the update will be applied to ALL of your records for the selected layer.


Using the routines tool, you can set up updates to several fields and save them to use again. To create a routine: Select the fields and values you would like to update, select Save Routine.

You will be prompted to create a new routine or overwrite an existing routine, then give your routine a specific name, and click save.

Your routine will now show up in the My Routines dropdown. You can delete old routines by selecting the Manage button.



How to Mass Delete:

You can use the mass updater to delete filtered selections of trees.

After you have filtered down to the trees you want to delete, navigate to the mass updater.

Always ensure the number of data points that are selected in “You have selected _ trees” are the number of data points you are expecting to delete. Ensure also the layer you have chosen at the top is the layer you are expecting to delete data from.

Select the Delete Selection button at the bottom of the window. A screen will pop up to warn you that you will be permanently deleting your data. If you want to continue, click Yes and the trees will be deleted.

Known Limitations:

The data changes cannot be reversed in most cases. 

The data must be filtered before changes are made.

Next Steps:

Advanced Filter

Mass Updater Video Tutorial:

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Updated on April 4, 2024