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Data Tools: Exporter

Use the Exporter tool to save an external copy of all data housed within your TreePlotter™ app. Files can be saved as either comma separated values (Excel .csv files) or shapefiles. Under the Advanced button you have the option to limit the number of exported records and toggle on/off the export of Ecosystem Benefits.

If nothing happens when clicking Export, check to see if your browser has a pop up blocker activated. A “Save As” screen should appear prompting you to specify a location for your file. If exporting as a shapefile: You may need to run a Define Projection tool before the file will be recognizable. Shapefiles exported from TreePlotter are projected in Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sp) (EPSG:3857).

If your project requires a drawing exchange format (DXF) file option please contact TreePlotter support HERE for more information.

Want a video tutorial on the Exporter? Click below:

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Updated on May 24, 2022

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