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Tutorial: Interactive Legend

The Interactive Legend (also called the Filter Legend) is the window that appears at the right of the TreePlotter™ application when launched. A great deal of information can be determined about the data in your application by referring to this tool.

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • The Layer dropdown
  • The Display By dropdown
  • Symbology
  • View Filter
  • Number of Features
  • Display By check boxes
  • Charts
  • Reference Layers
  • Video Tutorial

The Layer dropdown:

Use the Layer dropdown to specify which layer is displayed currently on the map. This may also include Client Sites. Once you choose a layer the Display By then populates with the Fields from that layer.

The Display By dropdown:

The Display By allows you to change the attribute that each asset is being color coded by. This gives you a visual representation of your inventory according to its condition or size, for instance. In conjunction with the check boxes below, you’ll also be able to see how many of each you have.

This dropdown is customizable. We can add or remove fields. We recommend new fields are dropdowns or radio buttons. We don’t recommend number fields except in the case of small number fields such as DBH and can’t use checkboxes or multi selects. Please ask the TreePlotter support team to discuss any changes.


This shows the Symbology available on the Layer selected. Examples of this are TPZ/CRZ on the Trees layer. This will not show up if there is no Symbology for the current layer.

View Filter:

The View Filter is where you can access or turn on/off any filters you created from the Advanced Filter (using the ‘Save View Filter’ button). The View Filter drop down will only appear once you have a saved View Filter.

Number of Features:

You can see how many features are currently displayed on the map right below the Symbology/View Filter dropdown. Note that this count is a count of all geometries in the inventory, not just living trees. Consequently, the counts in the Stats tool versus the count found in the Filter Legend may vary slightly. The number on the left is the number of Inventories in your view or that you can physically see from the map view and the number on the right is the total that can be viewed in this Layer/Client Site.

Note: The number on the right is limited to 2000 sites since that is the most TreePlotte allows on the map at one time to prevent slowness.

Display By check boxes:

These check boxes allow you to show or hide particular values from the options in the Display By. By clicking on the ‘Toggle All’ box you can turn off all values displayed. By clicking on the check boxes next to each item in the legend, you can hide or show any collection of points desired.

Note: Unchecking a box isn’t the same as filtering out those records; it only hides them from view. If you have more than 2000 trees shown, you may get a random selection of the records you expect.


Charts show a graphical representation of the data chosen in the Layer and Display By. Chart options can be chosen from the tabs and can either be a Pie Chart or a Bar Chart.

Reference Layers:

This is where any Reference Layers that have been uploaded to your site will appear. Clicking on the checkboxes will turn them on or off. You can have multiple Reference Layers turned on and they will appear over the Layer you currently have active in the Layers part of the Legend.

Known Limitations:

If you can’t see the Legend, it may have been minimized. Look for a Legend box in the bottom right and click on it to expand the Legend.

Next Steps:

Tutorial: Advanced Filter

How To: Save a Filter

Video Tutorial:

Updated on April 4, 2024

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