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TreePlotter CANOPY: Overview

TreePlotter CANOPY ™ is an interactive online map that operates in a web browser, offering a comprehensive suite of cartographic and administrative tools for viewing, planning, and enhancing urban tree canopy (UTC). Being web-based means there’s no need for complex installation or large files on your computer, and users can access their data from any internet-connected device. Those already familiar with TreePlotter INVENTORY will appreciate the software’s dynamic and user-friendly interface. TreePlotter CANOPY is designed for easy use and sharing of tree canopy assessment data, even without extensive GIS knowledge. The application employs three straightforward tools to visualize geographic boundaries containing UTC coverage data.

The tools can be accessed by clicking the CANOPY icon in the top right (shown in the image below).

The CANOPY Icon is shown in the top right of the user’s CANOPY landing page.

View Tool:

The first and simplest tool in CANOPY is called “View.” This tool lets users interact with all their geographic assessment boundaries. Users can filter these boundaries to visualize the percentage of tree canopy, potential planting areas, and other tree canopy metrics, such as land cover classes. Click the Launch View Tool button in your CANOPY app to use this tool. For a more detailed overview of the View tool, click here.

Plan Tool:

The second tool is named “Plan.” It helps prioritize where new trees should be planted and identifies areas that would benefit the most from expanded canopy coverage. The Plan tool uses a mix of demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental data, along with existing tree canopy and available planting space information, to pinpoint the most crucial areas for future canopy growth and planting sites. Click the Launch Plan Tool button in your CANOPY app to use this tool. For a more detailed overview of the Plan tool, click here.

Grow Tool:

The final CANOPY tool is called “Grow.” This tool can forecast canopy growth goals. It allows users to estimate the increase in Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) by simulating future canopy cover scenarios, taking into account the mortality rate and size of new tree plantings. The tool also reports the current and forecasted ecosystem benefits provided by the tree canopy area. Click the Launch Grow Tool button in your CANOPY app to use this tool For a more detailed overview of the Grow tool, click here.

Updated on February 23, 2024

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