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TreePlotter CANOPY: Overview

TreePlotter CANOPY is a web browser based, interactive, online map, complete with a full set of cartography and administrative tools built to view, plan, and grow urban tree canopy (UTC). Web-based means that there are no complicated installation processes or large files taking up space on your computer. It also means that users have full access to their data from any computer with an internet connection. Any users already familiar with TreePlotter INVENTORY, will recognize the dynamic and user-friendly nature of the software. TreePlotter CANOPY is designed to utilize and share tree canopy assessment data easily without need of extensive GIS knowledge. This application uses three simple tools to display geographic boundaries containing UTC coverage data.

View Tool

The first and most basic of these tools is called View. The View tool allows a user to filter various geographic scales in order to visualize levels of tree canopy and possible planting areas.

Plan Tool

The second tool is called Plan. Plan facilitates the prioritization of new tree plantings and targeting of areas that will see the most benefit from increased canopy area. Plan uses a combination of demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental data in addition to the existing tree canopy and available planting space data to target areas of most importance for future canopy development and planting locations.

Grow Tool

The last tool is called Grow. Grow estimates increases in UTC by simulating future canopy cover scenarios while also considering targeted planting goals. Current and forecasted ecosystem benefits provided by tree canopy area also reported.

Updated on May 15, 2023

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