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TreePlotter CANOPY: NatureQuant

NatureQuant analyzes and blends various national data sets including satellite infrared measurements, GIS and land classifications, park data and features, tree canopies, human modifications, air, noise, and light pollutions, and computer vision elements to create a NatureScore, or the highest correlation with the predictive health impacts of given natural elements via a machine learning process. TreePlotter CANOPY software can be used to further target areas for tree planting or preservation.

View Tool

The NatureScore Priority Index allows users to quickly identify communities that are both nature deprived and have socioeconomic disadvantages (low income, low education, low employment, poor housing, etc.). The NPI can be used to prioritize the delivery of green infrastructure and help inform public health delivery and policy, especially for the most disadvantaged neighborhood groups

Navigating to the NatureScore Priority Index:

  • To view your data on the map navigate to the View Tool
  • Select the Census Blocks Geography
  • Now users will see the NatureScore Priority Index Slide Bar feature appear in the legend
  • Select the NatureScore Priority Index option by clicking on the button in the top righthand corner of the feature
  • With this tool users can isolate key data features within the display map

Plan Tool

The Plan Tool allows user to target and prioritize areas that are most suitable for tree canopy growth based on demographic, socioeconomic, and environmental criteria. With the addition of a NatureScore users can dynamically measure the nature within an area around a static location.

Navigating to the NatureScore:

  • To view your data on the map navigate to the Plan Tool
  • Select the Geography of intertest
  • Set each feature to the desired configuration within the legend
  • Now users can isolate key data features in the display map by scrolling the Site Suitability slide bar
Updated on June 17, 2022

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