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TreePlotter CANOPY: View Tool


The most fundamental tool of TreePlotter CANOPY, this tool allows a user to see the distribution of tree canopy cover and available planting space across geographic scales and boundaries. Two slider bars are shown below the geographic boundaries. These slider bars control the features displayed on the map. Users can click and slide the toggles on the slider bar to remove any areas whose tree canopy or available planting space does not fall within the specified range. The active layer is indicated by a radio button in the upper left-hand corner of the slider boxes. The active layer will be listed in the legend and shown on the map. Hovering the cursor over any feature displays a summary popup of specific percentages.


Step 1Select a Geography: Select the geographic
boundary of interest by using the drop-down menu. The
selected geography will be displayed in the map.

Step 2Select a Metric: Click the radio button next to
Urban Tree Canopy or Possible Planting Area to view
levels of each metric within the geographic boundary
chosen in Step 1.

Step 3Filter Data: By clicking and dragging the toggles
on a specific slider bar, a user can filter the data to show
areas on the map that fall within specific percentage
ranges of tree canopy or possible planting area. This can
be done using one metric at a time or by selecting the
primary metric, applying a filter to it, then applying a
filter to the secondary metric. As a user applies filters to
the data, areas that do not meet the filter criteria will be
removed from the map.

Updated on April 8, 2021

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