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TreePlotter CANOPY: Grow Tool


The Grow tool allows a user to evaluate potential tree canopy goals, future ecosystem benefits, and compare different tree planting and canopy cover scenarios. This tool allows a user to simulate future canopy cover in relationship to planting goals, select geographic areas to add a specific amount of tree canopy cover, adjust average tree size of new plantings, calculate changes in ecosystem services using i-Tree data, save/restore planting scenarios, and print reports with overall results (canopy increase in a city, impacts in each geography, and a map). Using two inputs – canopy % and average tree size at maturity – the tool determines how many trees are needed, what the impact is on canopy cover regionally, and the impact on urban forest ecosystem services. The Grow tool can be used incrementally. For instance, a user can add 10% canopy to one or more areas using trees with 20 foot tree crown diameter and then add 5% canopy to other areas using trees with 30-foot tree crown diameter.


Step 1 Select a Geography: Select the geographic boundary of interest by using the drop-down menu. The selected geography will be displayed in the map.

Step 2Set Grow Method and Quantity: Using the radio buttons, select whether to set canopy using a target canopy percentage or to increase canopy by a specific percentage. Selecting Target Canopy % will add or remove tree canopy from selected areas to reach a target goal. Selecting Increase Canopy By % will add a fixed percentage to the existing canopy level of selected areas. After the grow method is selected, slide the canopy toggle left or right to set the target canopy percentage or percentage to increase canopy by.

Step 3Set Average Tree Crown Diameter: Use the toggle to set the average tree crown diameter of newly planted trees in the model. The model is calibrated to estimate 20, 30, or 40-foot tree crown diameters.

Step 4Activate the Tool and Select Areas: Activate the Grow tool by toggling the switch next to Paint Canopy Goals from Off to On. Next, add areas to the planting scenario by hovering the cursor over any area in the map and pressing the “G” (Grow) key on the keyboard. Hypothetical canopy percentages and trees needed values are added to the selected areas popups. To remove selected areas from the scenario, press the “R” (Remove) key on the keyboard while hovering the cursor over them.

Step 5Review Modeled Tree Canopy: After the grow scenario is complete, scroll down to the Modeled Tree Canopy section to see the scenario’s effect on the overall tree canopy. Below that, a user can view Modeled Ecosystem Benefits. To view a table of the scenario details, select the Detailed Grow Report. Each scenario can be saved and printed.

Step 6View Modeled Ecosystem Benefits: TreePlotter CANOPY calculates the monetary value of ecosystem benefits provided by the newly planted trees.

Step 7View Detailed Grow Report: To view a table of the scenario details, select the Detailed Grow Report. Each scenario can be saved and printed.

Updated on April 8, 2021

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