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Uploading Checkbox & Multi-Select fields

Checkbox and multi-select fields require some additional data cleanup in order to upload into TreePlotter. This article details the process of cleaning up and uploading this type of data. The Observations field is used as an example, but the same process can be applied for any checkbox or multi-select field.

The initial data should look something like the Observations column below where each row has different Observation values separated by commas. However, in order for the data to be properly added to TreePlotter each Observation value will need to be its own column in the CSV.

Example Observations data before cleanup

Add each unique Observations value as a row in the CSV and populate the corresponding cell with an ‘X’ or ‘True’ value to specify which trees have which observation values. This process can be made easy through sorting and filtering within a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Once the spreadsheet looks like the example below, save the CSV and it is ready to upload.

Example Observations data after cleanup

The crosswalk step of the Uploader distinguishes checkbox and multi-select fields with a green outline in the destination column(right). The source data column(left) shows each column in the upload data as a different box, so each observation value will have its own box.

Each source observation box will need to be selected and mapped to the single observations destination box. Use the column name to keep track of which observation value you are working on and need to drag to.

Drag the ‘X’ or ‘True’ value to the corresponding Observation value and the null value to Do Not Map option. The box on the right side of the screen will track all the mappings, so use it to track the crosswalk progress. Once all observation columns/values have been mapped to the observation field, continue with any other fields and upload as normal.

Updated on October 19, 2020

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