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Data Tools: Data Field Editor

The Data Field Editor is available to admin users for those with a Complete TreePlotter™ INVENTORY application. With the Data Field Editor you can add and edit the fields for any existing layer in your application. Use caution when utilizing this tool as changes are applied throughout the app, including past data, and cannot always be easily undone.

Want a video tutorial on the Data Field Editor? Click below:

You can find it by logging into your INVENTORY app and navigating to Hub-> Data Tools -> Data Field Editor. Once there, select the layer you wish to make changes to and click ‘Open Data Field Editor’.

Here’s a brief overview of the features and workflow of the Data Field Editor. You can also hover over the question mark icons within the tool for quick tips and information.

Editing a Field

Change the name of the field by editing the text in the “Field Alias” column.

To change the values available for a field, click the Edit button in the “Values” column. You can add new values, reorder them as needed and set a default (if applicable). Please contact support@planitgeo.com if you need to delete any values as this is not currently possible in the tool.

To change the tab where that field will display in, use the drop-down in the “Tab” column. Click the Add button to add additional tabs if you would like it to appear in more than one tab.

Finally, you can change how a field appears for different types of users in the “Permissions” column.

Select the Edit button to open up the permission settings for each user level. You can choose where you would like the field to appear or not appear, as well as set view and edit privileges based on user levels.

When you are finished making all your changes click the “Save Changes” button.

Note: Editing is disabled for some special fields like Tree ID or DBH.

Creating a Field

Click the “Create Field” button, select the input type for the field and click “Add Field”.

The new field will appear at the bottom of the form. You can then edit the properties of the field as described above and press “Save Changes” when you are finished.

Removing a Field

Uncheck the checkbox in the “Active” column next to the field you want to remove. Then press the “Save Changes” button. This completely deactivates and hides the field for all users. The field can be reactivated at anytime by checking the “Active” checkbox and saving again.

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Updated on July 11, 2022

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