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How To: Use the Mass Updater in the Data Table

The TreePlotter™ Mass Updater is a very powerful tool that can update data fields to new values for large groups of trees, or any other asset. While you can access the same tool in two different places, this article will focus on the Mass Updater located in the Data Table.


Steps to mass update:

Note: Before proceeding with the steps listed below, make sure to filter your records by using the Advanced Filter. If no filter is applied, the update will make changes to ALL of your trees.

  1. Click on Data > Trees > Update
  2. Select the field(s) you wish to update
  3. Add/select your new values
  4. Click the ‘UPDATE’ button


The Routine feature can be used to create workflows, or shortcuts, within the Mass Updater. Routines can be especially handy if you find yourself regularly making the same updates to your data.

To create a Routine, select all the fields and values you would like to update and click on the ‘Save Routine’ button. You will be prompted to provide an Alias for a new routine or overwrite an existing routine. Provide your Routine a specific name (or overwrite the Alias of a saved routine) and click the ‘SAVE’ button.

Known limitations:

  • Only Admin users can access this tool
Updated on April 8, 2024