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How To: Edit a User

Once a user has been set up in TreePlotter™, here are the steps to follow if you need to later change anything. You can change the username, their email, and their permissions both to records and functionality.



  1. Log into TreePlotter as a user with Admin access
  2. Click on Hub > Admin > Account > Manage Account > All Users
  3. Locate the user from the User table, you may like to use the Search box for ease
  4. Double click on their record (anywhere on the row) and their details will be displayed in the Edit User form above the table
  1. You will be able to change their Username, their Email and their Role by editing the form. If you have organizations then you will also be able to change which org(s) they can access
  2. Click the Save Changes button to save the changes

Known limitations:

  • You need to be logged in as a user with the Admin role in order for the menu options to appear
  • You can’t edit a user from a touch screen device
  • Only a user can change their own password once they have been set up

Next steps:

Updated on September 15, 2023