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How To: Generate a CAVAT Value

Here are the steps to generate the Final Appraisal Value for your trees within TreePlotter™, using the CAVAT tab. This is primarily for UK trees.



Go to the ‘CAVAT’ or ‘CAVAT (Quick)’ tab for the tree and populate the following four fields:

  1. DBH (cm)/Stem Diameter – enter the diameter of the tree
    • If you have the survey edition of TreePlotter, fill this in from the Tree Details tab
    • If the tree is multi-stemmed, fill in the diameter of each of the stems
  2. Community Tree Index – select the appropriate value for the location of the tree from the drop down box, if it hasn’t been automatically populated
  3. Functional Factor – select the relevant value from the drop down
    • If this is greyed out, use the field linked to it, perhaps Condition
  4. Life Expectancy – enter the life expectancy of the tree

See that the Final Appraisal Value has been populated. If liked, you may also enter some notes in the CAVAT Notes box.

Known limitations:

  • If you don’t have the CAVAT tab, please contact support to request it.
Updated on January 4, 2024