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Data Tools: Look Up Table Editor

The Lookup Table Editor is an invaluable tool for maintaining, adding, or deleting records from lookup tables within your TreePlotter™ app. This is especially useful for species lists. Depending on your specific app setup, more tables may appear in this location for editing. Clicking this icon will export the contents of the lookup table to an external source.

Click on the table to open up the editor. To add records, click Add and a blank record should appear at the bottom of the table. To delete records, check the boxes next to the records to be deleted and then click Delete Checked. Click on the question-mark icon to view detailed instructions on the tool.

Note: If you wish to amend a lookup that’s not on this list, please see the Data Field Editor page as you may be able to edit it from there.

Want a video tutorial on the Look Up Table Editor? Click below:

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Updated on November 15, 2019

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