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Tree Protection Zone

Want a video tutorial on the Tree Protection Zone? Click below:

Tree Protection Zone is an add on module to TreePlotter™ INVENTORY. It will show up in the tree details form, as well as, a symbology layer to view in the map.

TPZ (Tree Protection Zone): This value is determined either by both species tolerance and the DBH of the tree or by DBH alone. After entering a DBH value for a tree, a TPZ will be automatically calculated based on regional formulas. The output is a radius within which construction activities should be avoided (things like operating heavy machinery on the surface, digging, etc.).

SRZ (Structural Root Zone): Also referred to as the Critical Root Zone, this value is only needed when major disturbance to a TPZ is needed. This is a smaller radius within the TPZ that is critical to the overall stability of the tree. Calculations again will vary based on region or country. A tree’s TPZ can’t always be avoided – in the case that it must be breached, it is highly recommended that the SRZ be avoided to ensure the stability of the tree.

With TPZ/CRZ Symbology turned on:

Note: There is a max resolution to the symbology, so you might need to zoom into the map to see the zones. 


INVENTORY will default to these equations for calculating TPZ and SRZ. Please contact us if you would like a different formula used in your app.

United States:

Note: Tolerance can be assigned and changed for each tree species in the Lookup Table Editor.


Note: TPZ should not be less than 2 m or greater than 15 m. INVENTORY will automatically round to these bounding values. 

Updated on June 11, 2019

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