Tree Tours

Tree Tours is an add-on module for TreePlotter™ INVENTORY that allows organizers to create tree-related tours for the general public to view and experience. This module will allow users to create their own personalized tree tours to then share as a self guided slideshow with images, titles and captions. Users will be able to explore and experience trees and related items.

Want a video tutorial on Tree Tours? Click below:

Tree Tours consists of two different components, the Builder, and the Tree Tour Viewer. The Builder is found under Tools->Tree Tours. Here is where new Tree Tours can be created, and existing tours edited. To build a new tour select the ‘Create New’ button.

A new window will open where a tour can be built.The tour can be given a name, description, and your own logo. If you want to add a logo, which will appear at the top of the tour, this must be provided as a URL link. To obtain the URL link of an image right click on an image, select ‘Copy image address’, and paste the address into the corresponding field. You can use the Publish Tour field to show/hide tours from the public. We recommend leaving your tour unpublished until you are completely finished creating and making updates to it.

Once these options have been populated, it is time to start adding stops to the tour.  Select Add Stops to begin, you will see the following popup with instructions on the process.

As you select tree points, you will see the stops populate in the window. After you select all the tree points that you want to add to the tour, click the Stop Adding button. You can always add more stops by selecting the Add Stops button.

Tree Stops can now be edited or deleted from the Tour. Select Edit to bring up the edit tour stop window. Populate the blank form with a name, description, and photos. 

Note: Latitude and Longitude will automatically populate based on the location of the tree point. Only change these if you want a tour stop at a location different than the location of the selected tree.  

The tour can be previewed and launched directly from the Builder by selecting the Launch Tour button at the top of the ‘Edit a Tree Tour’ window. This will open the tour Viewer in a new browser tab.

To make the tour available to the public, select the ‘Published’ option in the Publish Tour drop down. Now the tour will show up under the Tools->Tree Tours menu for others to launch and view.

Here is an example of what a Tree Tour will look like in the Viewer:

Updated on June 11, 2019

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