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Tutorial: Translate

TreePlotter™ has integrated with the Google Translate service to instantly translate words, phrases and web pages between English and other languages.

Note: This tool is deprecated. If your application has a need for translation reach out to TreePlotter™ Support (support@planitgeo.com).

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Where to find Translate
  • How to use Translate
  • Known limitations
  • Next steps

Where to find Translate:

Once enabled, the Translate feature is found in Hub->Data Tools->Translate.

How to use Translate:

In the dropdown field, select which language you would like to translate to, and the text within TreePlotter™ will appear in that language.

Known limitations;

There may be some fields/values that will not translate

Next steps:

Tutorial: Exporter

Updated on September 18, 2023

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