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Reports: Tree Reports

This tool allows you to create a detailed report of your TreePlotter™ INVENTORY data in text form. Select how many trees should be printed per page. Give the report a title. Check “Use Applied Filter” to restrict the results to the filter currently in use. Click on “Run Report”.

The report has a cover page and then the tree detail for each tree. Click on the “Hide” option to hide each section not required. Click on “Show” to enable it once more. The amount of information available to display per tree decreases as more trees are printed on the page. Please contact Support if you would like to discuss having different fields displayed.

Where there is room for a photo to be displayed, you can choose whether the photo is one uploaded to it, the street view or the map view.

Once the report is ready, go back to the top and click on the “Print” button.

The report can also be shared by sending the URL. The recipient can then see the report without having to log in to TreePlotter.

Note: Make sure you have your pop up blocker disabled before opening the Tree Report.

Single Tree Detailed Report

You can get a detailed report of all the information regarding a single tree by clicking the REPORT button from the tree’s popup.

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Updated on July 13, 2020

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