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Release Notes – Eco Benefits 2.0

We are upgrading to iTree’s newest API to calculate ecosystem benefit numbers. What does that mean for you? Learn more below! 

Five fields are now required to calculate Eco Benefits in TreePlotter INVENTORY

  • Latitude/Longitude (automatically populated when added in TreePlotter)
  • Species
    • Species codes need to be populated and match a value from iTree’s list of accepted species. Their species list can be found here:
  • DBH
  • Condition
    • Acceptable values:
      1. Excellent
      2. Good
      3. Fair (default if not populated)
      4. Poor
      5. Critical
      6. Dying
      7. Dead
  • Crown Light Exposure
    • Acceptable values:
      1. 0: Crown is fully shaded.
      2. 1: One side of the crown is exposed to light.
      3. 2: Two sides of the crown are exposed to light.
      4. 3: Three sides of the crown are exposed to light. (default if not populated)
      5. 4: Four sides of the crown are exposed to light.
      6. 5: Crown is fully exposed to light.

All current trees with these fields populated will be updated with iTree’s new values. Utilize the Advanced Filter and Mass Updater tool in order to populate any missing values.

It could take iTree up to 10 days to process all of our existing tree data.
Plan ahead and grab some numbers today if you are going to need values for a report or presentation. 

Additional details to know for the future release of the Eco Benefits Module:

  • The new Eco Benefits Module will update benefits every hour if an attribute is changed on a tree or a new tree is added into your application.
  • Energy Benefit values will not be included in the initial release. These values require a longer and more detailed assessment of the tree.
  • International use is limited to only locations where i-Tree Eco and associated secondary processing has been fully funded. For other locations, US national averages will be used as base data to compute tree benefit.

Updated on August 25, 2022

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