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Release Notes 10/1/20

  • Feature – Added the ability to apply a “Display by” symbology to multiple layers at once.
  • Feature – New configuration options so a role can view but not add Tree Inspections.
  • Change – BS5837 module, changed RPA color to magenta.
  • Change – BS5837 module, added option to individually toggle RPA, Branch Spread, and Hedge Width layers on and off.
  • Change – BS5837 module, Group stems and Woodland stems now inherit the quality category of their parent polygon when exporting a Survey to CAD.
  • Bug – Fixed organizations not immediately disappearing from the Filter Legend when they are archived.
  • Bug – Fixed incorrect styling for point shapefile layers uploaded with the Reference Layer Importer.
  • Bug – Fixed clicking on the “Submit” button in the Reference Layer Importer sometimes not registering on the first click. 
  • Bug – Fixed preview popup appearing off the screen for line and polygon features in some cases.
  • Bug – BS5837 module, fixed overlapping labels being incorrectly removed when exporting a Survey to CAD. 
  • Bug – Fixed Work Record filters not being automatically applied in some cases when opening a Map Scenario.
Updated on October 19, 2020

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