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Quantified Tree Risk Assessment Calculator

What it is

  • Quantitative Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) is one of several methods for determining the potential risk of failure of a tree or tree limb. It was developed in the UK and has been widely adopted by tree care specialists across the globe.
  • The QTRA Method provides a framework for the assessment of the three primary components of tree-failure risk.  Target, Size and Probability of Failure. 
  • The QTRA API allows users to perform an assessment on a tree where they enter and record the input values to calculate and record the Risk of Harm which is subsequently used to determine further potential action.

What it does

  • Generate a QTRA value, category, and associated risk level colour
  • Creates fields which can be filtered on and help generate Tree Reports
  • Colour code all trees in map by risk level

QTRA Calculator Access and Use

  • Log in to your TreePlotter account
    • Select a Tree > Open Tree Details > Locate the QTRA tab
  • Once you are in the QTRA calculator fill out the form according to your survey
    • Once you fill out the form select the Calculate QTRA
    • A popup will appear prompting you to sign in to your  QTRA account
    • Once you sign in the the calculator will generate a QTRA value, category, and associated QTRA risk level colour

NB You need to be a registered QTRA user to log in. You will be prompted to login every 30 days.


Updated on July 7, 2022