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Projects and Events

The terms Project and Event both refer to another inventory layer that can be included in TreePlotter™ INVENTORY. Like Organizations, they include spatial location information and can be displayed via the Filter Legend.

Events and Projects are terminology that are identical except for one major difference: Events are designed for public app users to sign up for them. An example of each can be found below.


Primarily used internally. A non-profit organization has multiple different tree planting initiatives that it wants to keep track of separately, including information on materials needed, start and end dates, and contact information.


Can involve the public as well as internal use. A tree care firm has multiple different volunteer-oriented initiatives for planting trees that it wants to keep track of separately, including information on the organizations/people involved, materials, start and end times, number of volunteers, and funding. The firm wants the public to be able to navigate to their INVENTORY app and sign up for events in the area, generating interest and participation from citizens who want to improve their community.

Both Events and Projects are stored as a separate inventories similar to trees and organizations. From the Data Table you can sort, edit, or delete records as well as filter by the map similar to the functionality found within the Advanced Filter. Additionally, there are options available for basic charts and graphs displaying Events and Projects data. Remember to look for the blue “Read Instructions” text for more in-app instruction.

Updated on June 12, 2019

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