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New Features Winter 2019

New TreePlotter™ INVENTORY Features for the New Year!

We are excited to release new features and functionality to your INVENTORY application.

Look For These in Your Application 

Some great new labeling functionality that allows the user greater control over label placement

New functionality within the Graphics toolbar that enables the creation of different colored polygons, lines and points, which can be labeled and modified to fit the users needs
Archived Records
This is a useful feature for tracking removal of trees and other records, and allows for viewing data history

Views Filter
We’ve renamed the Quick Filter in the Advanced Filter and Legend to Views Filter. This allows for saving filters, views, and a combination of the two for quick and easy reference.

Additional Software Updates

Data Field Editor
We are excited to announce a new tool called the Data Field Editor is now available to admin users for those with a Complete level subscription. With the Data Field Editor you can add and edit the fields in your Tree Details form.

Tree Tours
A new add-on module that allows users to create customized tree tours to share with other users and the public.

Allows integrations between INVENTORY and other systems, from simple to complex. Reach out if you would like to explore the options for integrating your tree inventory data with plural systems!

Now part our core functionality! It’s designed to tackle the typically cumbersome process of importing data into INVENTORY that may or may not be the same format or have the same attributes as the standard INVENTORY Format.

Updated on June 12, 2019

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