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New Features Summer 2018

This summer we released a series of new features for software our users, these features were designed to improve the usability, versatility, and efficiency in a multitude of user interactions. It is always exciting when we have the opportunity to create and share urban forestry specific tools. Check out a few reasons why we love these features…..

Bound Map to Results

If you are familiar with the power of the advanced filter, this little tool is a powerhouse in TreePlotter™ INVENTORY, giving you the ability to query your data sets in as many configurations as your imagination can create. With the inclusion of Bound Map to Results feature your advanced filter queries are not responsive visually, so every new attribute you determine on the filter, Bound Map to Results will automatically respond and zoom in and out accordingly.

Watch a quick video at Tips & Tricks: Bound Map to Results

Multi-Stem DBH Calculator

Ever been in the field and you come across a row of Amor maples as far as your eye can see? Depending on your practices, getting a precise DBH for multi-stem trees can be time consuming task. The multi-stem calculator takes care of this for you, just key in the number of stems you are measuring and the DBH for each stem. This tool is a great time-saver in the field.

Learn about the tool and formula used in the Multi-Stem Calculator.

Printed Tree Reports

A great addition to the suite, detailed printed tree reports give you a formatted report at the click of a button. Printing and sharing your tree data details, ecosystem benefits, risk assessments and inspections has never been so intuitive.

Learn more about Printed Tree Report.


The share icon button is everywhere these days, and now it is part of your INVENTORY app too. This feature gives you the opportunity to share tree details on social media or copy the url and send it directly to others. This tool can be used internally between field staff and field manager to communicate quickly about the same tree, share with a client, or to post to social media and give those trees the credit they deserve!

Learn more about the Share feature.

V2 of Offline Collector

We’re excited to announce the new version of the INVENTORY Offline Collector has been released. This new version contains many small fixes and improvements as well as some major changes. The biggest changes are:

New Design and Layout – The button to select an area to take offline is now called “Store” and has been moved to the top header. The “Add Tree” button has also been moved to the header. The design has been overhauled using new material UI elements you might recognize from other modern mobile apps.

Improved photo storage on iOS devices – You are no longer limited to collecting 10-15 photos at a time on iPads or iPhones. In our tests, we are able to collect 50+ photos at a time. Note your device must be running a recent version of iOS or photo storage may still be limited.

New Organization Functionality – You can now limit your collection efforts to a single organization and add trees to an organization just by clicking on it.

You can check out our excellent support documentation for more info about using the Offline Collector.

Tree Protection Zone:

Visually responsive TPZ and CRZ circles: Visualization is the key to communication, especially when you are working with multiple partners. The enhancements made to the responsive circles reflected on the map, in the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) add-on module, demonstrates this clearly and accurately. Read more Tree Protection Zone module.

Let’s talk more about the features released this summer. Reach out to us at support@planitgeo.com or give us a call at 1-833-TREEMAP (873-3627). You can also visit our support site. 

You may also request support directly from your INVENTORY app by going to Hub–>Support.

Updated on June 12, 2019

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