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Use the draw tool to place temporary overlays on the map that can be printed. There are options to specify the type of shape to be drawn (polygon, line, point), size, fill, point, and outline color, and outline width. You can also place a label for each feature. 

Click Start Drawing to begin. After placing a drawing on the map, additional options will appear. You can either modify existing drawings, delete them one at a time, or delete them all at one time.

Note: To display text against a shape, ie Prune in the example polygon shown, fill in the Label field and then draw your shape.

Tip: If you want to control where the text appears on your drawing, leave the Label field empty on your drawing. Select a Point option with no fill in each of the color fields and write the required text in that Label field, then when you plot that point, you will have the text exactly where you want it.

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Updated on July 5, 2021

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