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Tutorial: Draw Tool

Learn how to use the draw tool to place temporary overlays on the map that can be printed in TreePlotter™.

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Navigating to the Draw Tool
  • Draw Tool Properties
  • Start – Stop and Deleting Drawings
  • How to Export your Drawing
Add shapes, lines, colors, and text to your map

  1. Navigate to the Hub in the upper left-hand corner of you application
  2. Scroll down to the Map Tools menu
  3. Select the Draw option

Draw Tool Properties:

  1. Select a Draw Type
    – Point
    – Line
    – Polygon
  2. Change the parameters
    – Drawing color, size, or width
    – Fill color opacity
  3. Add a label to the feature added to the map
    – The Label will appear on top of and/or in the center of your drawing

Start/Stop and Deleting Drawings:

  1. Once your Properties are set, navigate to the ‘Start Drawing’ button
  2. To delete individual drawings click the ‘Delete Drawings’ button, then select the graphics you want to delete.
  3. To modify individual drawings, click ‘Modify Drawings’ button, then click a graphic. Click and drag the point or the outline of a line or polygon.
  4. To exit from the drawing mode press the ‘Stop Drawing’ button

How to Export your Drawing:

  1. Navigate to the Print option within the Map Tools menu
  2. Select a file type
  3. Fill in the Title and File name
    – Additionally a Legend and/or Scale can be added in this step
  4. Press the ‘Print’ button

Known Limitations:

  • This is a temporary Drawing – the moment you refresh your browser or logout your work will be deleted.

Potential next steps:

Return to HUB: Map Tools

Updated on April 8, 2024