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The Inspections tool allows users to update and track changes to a tree’s attributes over time. Inspections can either be viewed for the total inventory in the Inspections Data Table, or on a per tree basis from the Inspections tab within the History tab in the Tree Details form.

To complete an inspection use the Inspect button at the top of the details form, or the shortcut Inspect button in the pop up window to begin an inspection. This will open up the Inspection form, where you can populate changes. 

The Inspections form is populated with a standard list of tree fields that can be expanded and updated. At the bottom of the form the date and user who performed the inspection will automatically be recorded, and you can add some notes if needed. It is also possible to attach photos to the inspection report. 

If your TreePlotter application has the Work Order Management module, you can also quickly create a Work Record and create or add to a Work Order right from the inspection form by checking the corresponding boxes. When done filling out the form, click the Submit button at the bottom.

If your application is missing a field in the Inspections form that you would like to “Inspect on”, click Add/Remove Field and choose the field from the dropdown options. You can remove fields from the list by selecting the Layer, checking the fields you want to remove, and clicking Remove Checked Fields. Note: If you make any changes to the Inspections fields, you will have to exit out of your current Inspection form and open it again to see the changes. 

After you submit an Inspection, the Inspection table will update and will show all historical inspections that have been performed over time. You can check the box next to the inspection row and export the records to a csv or shapefile, or view the detailed inspection form. Checking the boxes for multiple inspections will allow you to quickly tab through the inspections and see multiple inspections completed on a single tree.

You can adjust which columns appear in the table by using the Views tool. There is the ability to view the state of the tree before any chosen inspection by checking the box next to Inspection you are interested in and clicking the Time icon. You will be able to see all the tree details for before that Inspection was completed. 

The Inspections form can be managed using the Inspections Manager which is located under Hub->Data Tools->Inspections Manager. This allows for adding and removing of fields to the Inspection form. 

Updated on October 31, 2022

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