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Tutorial: Inspections Manager

The Inspections Manager tool allows you to configure which fields are displayed when carrying out an inspection.

Topics covered in this tutorial:

  • Navigating to the Inspections Manager
  • Choosing an asset Layer
  • Managing Fields
  • Known Limitations
  • This tool is located in two placed – The HUB and within the Details Form
  • From the HUB:
  1. HUB
  2. Data Tools
  3. Inspections Manager
  • From the Details Form
  1. Navigate to the Inspections feature
  2. Press the Add/Remove Button
  3. The Inspections Manager tool will open in a new popup window

Choosing a Layer and managing fields:

  • Click on Manage Inspections and select the relevant layer
  • This will display the fields that currently appear on the inspection form.
  • To Remove fields: select one or more from the list by checking the box on the lefthand side then press the “Removed Checked Fields” Button
  • To Add fields: Open the “Select Field” dropdown menu and select one or more fields from the list

Known Limitations:

If you make any changes to the Inspections fields, you will have to exit out of your current Inspection form and open it again to see the changes. 

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Updated on July 19, 2023