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Auto Increment

The Auto Increment tool is available upon request for some clients including users with our BS5837 functionality. It allows you to renumber an ID field.

Note: This tool does NOT use the Advanced Filter, so be sure to apply selection unless you want to renumber every record!

This tool is located under Hub -> Data Tools -> Auto Increment.

Before starting, you may like to use the Exporter tool to export the layer you’re about to update as a backup.

To Update by Map:

1. Layer – select the layer containing the records that you wish to update

2. Field to Increment – this is the field that will be renumbered. This is usually an ID field, such as TreeID or GroupID

3. Start At – the number to start the renumbering at ie 1

4. No Field to Compare – tick this to increment all records

5. Update From Map – tick this so you can choose what to update from the map

6. Add – choose from polygon, point or ID but we’d recommend polygon

7. Click the Add button and draw a polygon around the area to select those records

NB Ensure there is a Selected box and it contains the required trees. If there are no trees shown then do not proceed as it may update more trees than you expected.

8. Click the Go button to start processing and say yes to overwrite the records.

Here is a 30 second (mute) demonstration of renumbering trees. Bear in mind that that the trees are renumbered in order of their Primary ID, not their geographical order.

Updated on January 3, 2024