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The Main Toolbar, in some shape or form, is included in every application that PlanIT Geo offers. Because one of PlanIT Geo’s goals is flexibility and customizable options, please note that while the basic components may appear in your app, various pieces and functionality may differ from app to app. If you see a component detailed that would benefit your own workflow, please contact us and we can work with you to have the tool added to your application.1. Main Toolbar

2. Title and Logo

3. Navigation Toolbar

4. Scale Bar

5. Quick Editing Tools- add tree, move tree, log in/log out

6. Interactive Legend


TreePlotter™ INVENTORY is being continually optimized for better use on small-screen devices, including smart phones. When INVENTORY’s window gets smaller than a certain size, many tools better suited for desktop or tablet use are unavailable, and the menu buttons shift to a drop down list along the right side of the screen.

Note: When INVENTORY’s small-screen mode is active, the Draw and Measure tools are disabled. These features are better used on larger screens and for simplicity have been excluded from this mode. (See right)


Updated on June 11, 2019

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