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Account Administration

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Adding Users

Once your TreePlotter™ INVENTORY application has been delivered, you have the option of setting up additional accounts. To do this, your account must have Admin privileges (see user role descriptions below). Navigate to Hub->Admin->Account->Manage Account->All Users. Here, you will be able to add new users, edit existing accounts, or delete users altogether.

Fill in a unique username, email, and password for the new account. Under Role, select what privileges you would like the user to have. Under Organization, either select the organization that you want the user to be assigned to (multi-org apps) or select the only option from the drop down (single-org apps). When you are satisfied with your entries, click Save and the new user should appear in the list below.

User Role Descriptions:

Need a different login level for volunteers, students, or contractors?

Ask us about user level customization!

Exporting Users

You can export a list of your users to a csv from the user table. To do this, navigate to the user table, (Hub->Admin->Account->Manage Account->All Users) scroll down until you see the Export button, and select it.

Updated on June 11, 2019

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